A Weekend Immersed in Gratitude ~ My Thanksgiving Retreat

This past weekend, a group of people from all over the Bay Area and one wonderful gal from Calgary, Alberta gathered together in the name of gratitude. We sat in community, reflected on what it means to be grateful and explored the countless possibilities and ways to practice gratitude in our everyday lives.
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The Yoga of Travel

I arrived in Milan a few nights before the group. Even in a jet-lagged daze, I was thrilled to see Alice and crash at her place. After napping, I biked out to her restaurant, Erba Brusca, on the edge of town. Shelves of reused fruit crates stored wine and cookbooks; the garden brimmed with herbs; and the tattooed staff had a familiar, hipster feel. Alice sent me out a glass of Prosecco, fresh burrata with a tomato purée, and a lentil soup with fresh mint, maggioram, and basil. By the time the Barolo and pigeon entrée arrived, my anxiety baggage dropped.
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Is Gratitude the Path to a Better World?

Brother David Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine monk and one of the leading figures in a worldwide gratitude movement. Long before gratitude became a hot topic of scientific research, Brother David was writing about gratefulness as the heart of prayer and a path to liberation, helping to promote the practice of gratitude as a way of healing oneself and society. Perhaps best known for helping create interfaith dialogues to increase understanding between religious traditions, he received the Martin Buber Award in 1975 for his work in this area.
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From the Yoga Retreat | In the Mists of Avalon

I write from the beautiful and mystic Avalon Springs, where we are deep in the middle of our Like Water for Chocolate AcroYoga weekend with Daniel Scott.

I arrived yesterday around 6 pm and was greeted immediately by a choice of fresh water from the three mystic springs of Avalon – the mood-enhancing Lithia, the iron-rich Boron, and the native Dragon springs. Next, I was offered some delicious Fearless chocolate and shown straight to the yoga room where the practice had already begun.

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West Coast: 1 – East Coast: 0

Another one bites the dust folks. Sometimes those east coast winters are just too much to bear. Weather is one among many reasons, Vickie Russell Bell has found herself in the Bay area since 2000. She was born and raised near the Great Lakes where “pop” isn’t just onomatopoeia, it’s the general accepted term for soda.

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Like Water for Chocolate – Creating the Alchemy of Trust

Como Agua para Chocolate….what comes to your mind when you think of those words? The image that appears for me is of a woman stirring a huge vat of melted chocolate, laced with cinnamon and chili, brewing an alchemy of seduction and magic. Surely, things are about to be turned upside down.

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Class with Rachel Meyer

We rolled up early but Flying Yoga was already buzzing with excitement. It was almost like being at a broadway show before the lights dim. So much anticipation of what would be over an hour of creating space in our bodies, of aligning with our true nature, of twisting and sweating the day away. And this buzz, this outward expression of each person’s individual excitement is what actually creates community.

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There is an African Proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” Truer words could not be more accurate when describing Maggie Spicer and her business venture.  Meet Whisk.  A startup company that promotes office culture through various mediums and multiple local partnerships.  Looking to amp up your heart rate or provide more serenity in the workplace?  Whisk can bring you yoga, dance or a variety of body work practices.  Does your company’s idea of breakfast leave you feeling uninspired?  Let Whisk jump start your day.  In need of a day long getaway to reconnect with co-workers?  Whisk organizes that too.

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Cooking Through Italy

By Sadie Chanlett-Avery

We’re using a unique recipe: local chefs, bakers, and sommeliers with yoga imported from California. Alice, my close friend for over 20 years, is an award-winning chef and will lead our food adventures. In Milan we’ll gather at her acclaimed, farm-to-table restaurant that she operates with her partner, Danillo. The next day we’ll all ride up to the village of Fobello, a corner of Northern Italy rarely visited by Americans. The recently-remodeled, boutique hotel offers hiking trails, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and memorable meals each day.

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Sweat, Stretch and Share… Bike. Yoga. Eat. Event

May is national bike month and what could be a better way to celebrate than hopping on your two wheeler, stretching it out afterwards with David Moreno then eating your heart out with delicious food provided by Gospel Farm Flat this Memorial Day Weekend? read more about this event >>>

By – Laura Matteliano


8 Things You Should Know about AcroYoga

By Daniel Scott via

It’s very possible you’ve seen a few students playing around after class or watched a few videos online. Maybe you’ve seen some epic photos in a yoga magazine of two smiling yogis balancing effortlessly on each other’s feet and/or hands in some exotic location. Perhaps, upon seeing this, you’ve thought to yourself, “That’s impossible! I could never do that.”

Please allow me to let you in on a little secret: Yes, you can!… read more >>>


Bhakti in Bloom – A Review of our Northern California Yoga Retreat

The weekend yoga retreat in the Sierra Hotsprings was exceptional. I arrived feeling broken, distraught, and unsettled, and I left feeling healed, rejuvenated, and centered. The retreat was everything I could have hoped for and more… read more >>>


Meet Our Crew: Meredith Rom

We are so lucky to have had Meredith Rom join our SolYoga team and thought we should get to know her a little better!

Meredith Rom

The Flow of Yoga with Aarona Pichinson

What does the slow, mesmerizing flow of yoga look like at 12X speed?This is an hour-long class compressed into 5 minutes to find out. It’s mesmerizing.

Giuliana Hazelwood

LovelyHealthyTV – Smudging for Dummies

How to Clear a Space of Negative Energy

Giuliana Hazelwood

Favorite Trip of 2012 | Iceland Yoga Aventure


2012 has been a breakthrough year for SolYoga Trips, adding fantastic new destinations and incredible new teachers. We’ve created yoga retreats around the world and have been featured in the National Geographic Traveler as well as the Travel Channel UK. So what was our favorite yoga retreat of 2012 you ask?

SolYoga’s Year in Review

SolYoga 2012 Year in Review

To review a year of ridiculous yoga adventures around the world is a lofty task, but here it goes.

2013 Gift Certificate

Give the best gift ever!

Gift Certificates for our Farm to Table Dinners, Weekend Escapes and International Adventures!

Buenos Aires in Pictures

We just got back from an amazing trip merging yoga and tango in Buenos Aires. Check out these pics for a taste and stay tuned for more!


Recipe of the Week from our friends at Grace Hearth.

Begin with the intentions to love and nourish – As you collect your ingredients and prepare the food, think of all the ways your pot of greens will celebrate and support your family and your community. Each time we spend time at the hearth, we have the opportunity to transform our relationship to place and people.

Iceland Yoga Retreat 2012 – In Photos

Check out pictures from our 2012 yoga retreat in Iceland with Aarona Pichinson. Hot Springs in Hvergardi, Bjork and Viking spottings in Reykjavik, beaches and glaciers in Snaefellsness and horses everywhere!

SolYoga Featured in National Geographic

Hey have you heard of a little magazine called National Geographic? We’re in it!

Thanks Sophie!

Harvest Moon Farm to Table Feast

A day at the farm like no other.

It’s what happens when you combine three people who are as equally incredibly passionate about their craft – Abby Tucker teaching yoga – Charlie Hallowell creating the food and Mickey Murch showing us around the farm…

Photos by Julia Sabot

Gospel Flat Farm To Table Dinner – September 16

Check out pictures from our latest farm to table dinner!

Destination Sierra Hot Springs

Located 3.5 hours from San Francisco, Sierra Hot Springs is becoming one of our favorite destinations for yoga and frankly one of our favorite destinations period in California

Contact Yoga – Anjuli and Alok

Alok and Anjuli will be leading a class at our upcoming Farm to Table Yoga Dinner at Gospel Flat Farm, September 16th. We thought we’d tell you what it’s all about and who these wonderful human beings are.

Curried Sweet Potato Falafel from Sprout Health

We love this recipe from our friends at Sprout Health

Our First Farm to Table Yoga Dinner

Check out pictures from our first farm to table dinner at Gospel Flat Farm with Rachel Meyer teaching yoga, Alex Mart creating the food and Victoria Luby offering Chari Massage!

Sierra Hot Springs with Soul Seekers

Check out pictures from our weekend at Sierra Hot Springs with filming for the Travel Channel!

Exploring Gospel Flat Farm

We stumbled upon farm-style paradise in Bolinas after a day at Muir Beach. Our walk through the woods being paced by the ripeness of the blackberries scattered along the quiet trails. A drive home toward purple cotton candy skies created by a mango gummy candy sunset, endlessly radiant behind us.

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It doesn’t interest me
what you do for a living.
I want to know
what you ache for
and if you dare to dream
of meeting your heart’s longing.

Haramara Yoga Retreat 2012

We wanted to share some pictures from our yoga retreat at Haramara in April, enjoy and come with us next time!

Our Favorite Granola Recipe from Haramara

This is definitely our favorite Granola Recipe we’ve found on our travels…

Participant Guest Blog – Charlotte Noruzi

We are happy to share Charlotte Noruzi’s post from her blog featuring images that she created on and inspired by our yoga retreat to Mexico. Enjoy…

6 Yoga Retreat Myths – Debunked

Two years ago I wouldn’t have gone on a yoga retreat. I know it’s crazy. I run a travel company that specializes in yoga retreats. If you are anything like I was, an inexperienced yogi, skeptical of spending my rare time to travel on potentially weird and unauthentic experiences, then this article is for you…..


The city is demanding. Choose the fastest it says. Choose the cheapest. Choose the best. Fit it all in. Make it in time. Don’t cancel.Keep up. Don’t get stuck in traffic. Be on time to class. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Don’t be sad. Pay the bills. Answer your phone. Invitations are few [...]

SolYoga Trips Spotlight: Christie Marshall

I first heard about Christie Marshall through my previous roommate, Hilary, who takes her yoga classes at Planet Granite in San Francisco. “Everyone who takes her class loves her,” she said…

Iceland Yoga Retreat – Yoga in the Midnight Sun 2011


Check out pictures from our yoga retreat in iceland 2011 with Aarona Pichinson. We’re going back and it’s going to be better than ever!

SolYoga Trips Spotlight Q & A: Samantha Sweetwater

Samantha Sweetwater started practicing yoga at age 5 at a Santa Fe monastery preschool, and started dancing at 13, soon choreographing pieces (“15-minute-long epics,” Sweetwater says) about peace and humanity’s spiritual states….

Pretty Strong for a Girl

And then when I hear, you’re pretty strong for a girl, it pretty much solidifies the fact that all this judgemental gender stuff isn’t in my head. It’s actually happening…

Guess Who We’re Working With!? Steph Davis!

We’re so excited to be teaming up with world famous rock climbing, base jumping, vegan, wingsuit flying, running, yogi, writer and skate skiing…Steph Davis
check her out…

Love and Attention

today I saw love…
today I saw love in a burrito shop…
today I saw love in a moment of rush…
today I saw love in a door…

A River Sanctuary – Black Rock Lodge

SolYoga’s Review A River Sanctuary – Black Rock Lodge, Belize By Ben Crosky I wake up each morning excited about something that I take for granted every day, water. I wake up with the sound of the birds and the warmth of the sun. I could stay in these cozy comfortable beds just relearning the [...]

SolYoga Trips Spotlight: Groove Yoga

Here at Solyoga trips we love people and places that are doing something unique–whether that be through sustainability and activism, donation and volunteer-based business, owning and buying locally, or anything else that goes above, beyond, or in a completely different direction from what’s considered a normal business practice. Introducing SolYoga trips Spotlight–a weekly shout out to the people and places of business that we think are super cool.

Discover Haramara

“Coming to Haramara is like coming home. My body returns to the earth, my mind mesmerized by the rhythms of the ocean and my spirit flies in this magical place. Yoga is a way of life and Haramara Retreat is where we can re-educate ourselves to live in balance.” – Rodney Yee

Yoga Retreat Travel Tips

Here are some tips from an experienced yoga retreater to keep you stress free and rested while traveling to and from your next yoga retreat in paradise!

Why Iceland?

Why Iceland?! It’s easy to proceed through daily life oblivious that the earth we walk on and the universe moving around us is a living, breathing thing. Once reminded of this reality, we see and feel it everywhere. No experience can remind a traveler of the living vibrations of this planet (and those of the [...]

Gratitude: The Authentic Kind

By Georgie Abel

Yesterday afternoon I went for a long trail run in the hills–bands of rosy light were stretching through the tree branches and hitting the leaves so they would glow with late autumn reds and yellows.

Yucatan Destination Profile

By John Babbott – Travel Writer

What to expect on your next adventure to the Yucatan

On Mexico’s famous peninsula, the fusion is without parallel: Lush jungles. Breathtaking beaches. Four thousand years of Maya culture. Vast underwater catacombs…

The Gift Inside the Giving | A Yogi in India

If I were to die today and God asked me three things that truly altered my perception of life, the answer would be simple…. The birth of my son, the death of my father, and my trips I spent in India with my teacher and alone.

by Diane Hudock

Travel Stories: A day at Tunitas Beach

One step into the soft earth between the toes. Just one step to find the sweet invitation of home…

by Ben Crosky

5 Healthy Travel Tips

Here are Solyoga trip’s top five travel tips to keep you well and feeling good this holiday season. Apply these tips to plane, train, automobile or any other mode of transportation.

by Georgie Abel

Why We Need Adventure

“We’re gonna do it Mo, like, for real. We’re gonna run away,” says my six-year old self, huddled next to my younger sister under our covers with a flashlight and a pad of paper. I draw out a map as I explain to Molly where we will go, how we will get out of the house without Mom knowing, and what we need to bring with us…

by Georgie Abel

History of an Urban Trail

The San Francisco Bay Area encompasses various cities that encircle the bay, an estuary that spans 60 miles by 12 miles. Some of the cities, San Francisco and Oakland, for example, are more urban than towns like Berkeley and Palo Alto. But even in this large metropolitan area, nature creeps up, peacefully persisting despite the hustle and bustle…

by Naseem Badiey, PhD

SolYoga Trips Guide: New Yoga Studios in the East Bay

With SolYoga’s recent relocation to the East Bay, we decided to check out some of the newly opened yoga studios in our new stomping grounds. The Bay Area has always been home to some of the best yoga around, and after visiting these studios, it seems like it just keeps getting better. Read on to hear about these amazing new places to practice and find one that jives with you. We’re definitely glad to be here.

by Georgie Abel

Our Favorite Fall Yoga Retreat!

Join me for the second annual October retreat! This place is really special and tends to draw a fabulous crew together for yoga, hiking, healthy grub, breath-taking exquisite fall foliage, and crisp star-filled nights! Expect belly laughs, sweaty classes, hot tub soaks, meditation, fire dancing, pumpkin carving over a glass of red wine…you decide.

Heart to Heart: In Love with Star Island

“I’m home. I’m blindly in love.” Those are the words that come to mind every time I set foot onto Star Island. There is something so far beyond words about this luscious gem one hour off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. There is a reason why so many of us call it “our heart’s home.”

Lessons from the Jungle

On one of our day long hikes we came across a beautiful translucent frog. Our guide shared with us the classic story of the frog. When a frog is dropped into a pot of boiling water it jumps out instantly. A frog’s nervous system, however, isn’t tuned to understand gradual increases in temperature, so when you place it in cold water and slowly heat it up, the frog will stay in until it boils to death.

As it turns out, people aren’t so very different from frogs…

Fireside Yoga

I have a confession. Every now and then I get these waves of disgust for the internet, for facebook, for twitter and blogging and everything else that seems to take up all of our free time with empty space. But every once in a while I get this flash of acceptance. Last night, for example, [...]

Walking Palm Tree

Walking through the jungle of Earth Train’s Mamoni Valley Preserve, I am finding myself mesmerized by the vertical nature in front of me. Every tree stretches down to the earth and reaches up to the sky in it’s own unique and beautiful way. Finding roots. Being grounded. Seeking stability and routine. I thought these were [...]

Finding Peace in Panama

I’ve surely found the best hammock in the world. Or is it the best place in the world to put a hammock? Or am I in the best state of mind and body to be hamasizing to the soft sway of the waves that gently kiss the thin stretch of sand that meets my bungalow. [...]

Downward dog for real

A short lived attempt to practice in my living room.

Guide to Yoga Activism

Your guide to Yoga Activism

I’ve compiled a list of organizations that use yoga to make the world a better place.

Do you know of any other organizations? Let me know so I can add it to the list!

Blast Your Heart Itinerary

Itinerary published!!.

Check it out!

Learn More > > >


Biking in the Berkshires

“Spades take up leaves
No better than spoons,
And bags full of leaves
Are light as balloons.” – Robert Frost

A Day at Mass Moca

Oso and I spent a few hours at Mass Moca. We didn’t get to go inside but the outside is almost as fun. It is an old mill space converted into what is now the biggest contemporary art space in the country. A lot of the exhibits are constructed inside the space or designed specifically [...]


I recently attended a symposium on sustainable food and taste at Williams College. Among the speakers were Bill Yosses, the Whitehouse Executive pastry chef, Adam Gopnik from the New Yorker and Dab Barber – executive chef at Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Salute the Sun, Worship the Waves

Surf Panama
Itinerary Published!
All you need to know about our Yoga and Surf adventure to Panama

Duration: 7 days in Panama in January 2011

Learn More > > >

Find Your Stride

Written by John Babbot at Yogamint

Thoughts cannot be pushed, they must be allowed to flow. A life change cannot be made, it must be cultivated. In the same way, finding balance in your life, no matter how committed you are to creating it, can be like grabbing the soap in the bathtub.

Yoga under the Midnight Sun

From AC Berkheiser at King Pigeon Yoga.

Worship your Life as a Gift

From wildmoonwisdom by KK Ledford.

I came across this beautiful post and wanted to share it with you. Check out more like it at wildmoonwisdom.

Our Adventure Routine

Gulfoss sepia

From Jenn Pici’s Blog: The Peachy Yoga Life

Check out Jenn’s Blog entry here as she describes our trip in detail!


Gulfoss sepia


Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon entrance

Blue Lagoon


“I feel no need for food and water” states Prahladbhai Jani, a seventy-six year old Indian ascetic who lives in a cave near the Ambaji temple in the state of Gujarat. Mr. Jani claims that he has not had food or fluids to drink for the last sixty-five years.

This is so unbelievable. But I think I believe it. I know I want to believe it. What do you all think?


From Yoga Addicted.

“Laughter, laughter LAUGHter, lAuGhTer, Laaauuugghhhtttter” Check out this post at Yoga Addicted.

The Layers of You

From Living Room Yoga.

“Yoga philosophy says that we are like an onion (I like to imagine a Walla Walla sweet oninon) with many layers.” Check out this post at Living Room Yoga. Peel away!

The Eight Best Food Stories of the Year

Check out this article at GOOD, “The Eight Best Food Stories of the Year”, by Peter Smith. I just started reading Omnivore’s Dilemma and food has slowly been taking over center stage in my life, so I thought this would be a fitting post. Enjoy.

In-Flight Air Travel Tips

There’s nothing worse than starting off your trip or ending a great trip with a bad flight. Well, here are some tips for staying happy and healthy on your next big trip.


“Kickstarter is an incredible platform. Its obvious purpose is funding, but we find ourselves gaining so much outside of collecting pledges. For us, Kickstarter has been a powerful tool to connect with a community passionate about our work.”

Wise Yoga Teacher

I stumbled upon this great post about yoga in advertising at YogaDork.

Dan Mangan

I just recently found this amazing band, I can’t get enough!

No One Should Graduate High School with out knowing this


From Michelle at Find Your Balance

It amazes me that I went through high school and college, was deemed an adult, and walked into the world without a clue how to perform certain basic life functions.

Anyone can do yoga

Check out these videos from Power of Movement

Solyoga Adventures

What is solyoga and how are we different?

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