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Tropical Rainforests are the lungs of our Earth. They are the world’s treasure trove of biodiversity, containing as much as 80% of the world’s unique plant and animal life. To Earth Train, the tropical rainforests of the Mamoni Valley Preserve are a campus – a place to reconnect with nature and perform restoration on the natural environment and on ourselves, to support the development of leadership in a new generation that will base its economic, cultural, and spiritual survival on partnership with nature, instead of domination of it.


King Pigeon Yoga is a perch for the urban body and mind.
Join AC Berkheiser in NYC for group classes and private sessions.

Picture-40Sprout Health aims to cultivate healthy lifestyles for the individual and close bonds within our community.
Join Sprout in Portland, OR for donation based yoga classes, cooking classes and wellness programs


YOGANONYMOUS is the go-to resource for the modern day yoga practitioner.
Information and updates about your favorite teachers, studios, workshops, retreats, and yoga events.
Wellness articles, practice tips, travel ideas, and free downloadable music playlists.
Concert previews, hip new clothing, free giveaways, and tons more; the sky is the limit.

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