Farm To Table Yoga Dinners

Farm to Table Yoga Retreats and Events

SolYoga Trips has expanded to create Wildsoul – farm to table yoga retreats in California, featuring the best local and international yoga teachers and chefs – highlighting the incredible produce and farms located just an hours drive from San Francisco.

You can join us on the farm every other Sunday for a day of yoga, exploring farm life and indulging in a healthy and delicious meal created by our wonderful chefs, inspired by the fresh produce grown right beneath your feet.

Each farm to table yoga retreat features a different teacher and a different chef that collaborate to create a wholly unique experience. Typically we host an intimate 20 person event, which means all participants sit at a long table with the yoga teacher and the chefs (when we can get them out of the kitchen) and the farmers (when they have time).

We are constantly inspired by the conversation between yoga, food, farming and community and we hope that you join us in this delicious conversation that we like to call Wildsoul.

See our upcoming schedule:

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