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We travel around the world leading the most creative and dynamic retreats and adventures ever thought up. We work with yoga teachers, dancers, chefs, bodyworkers, perma-culturalists, musicians, artists and activists from around the world. We bring people together from all over to share in learning, growing and community. And we are trying to expand in a sustainable way. That means YOU!

As an intern you will help our company grow it’s roots in the Bay Area while expanding it’s branches and helping to create authentic life changing experiences and journeys for our clients.

Main Responsibilities
~Content generation and Social Media Director
~Customer and Partner Relations
~Festival Coordinator

If you’re interested please write to us explaining why and include a resume + cover letter. Email us HERE



Become a SolYoga Ambassador

There’s nothing more important to us than building a strong community. We are always looking for interesting people to join our community as we grow. We invite you to step into the role as a SolYoga Ambassador and be part of this unique company:

What you do:

~ Write for us
~ Share/spread the word
~ Help with events


~ Always receive super early bird pricing – $300-400 off our normal price.
~ Receive $75 for any direct referrals or $150 toward a trip.


~ Our community is real. We are a community of passionate students, teachers, travelers, dancers, farmers, writers, musicians, philanthropists and whatever makes you YOU! We hang at events, we travel together locally and internationally, we help each other with projects and we are writing the newest book about work/life balance.
~ Our community is connected. We work with teachers and studios around the world. Chances are we can connect you with someone somewhere for something!
~ We are creative. We have integrity. We want to grow, not to take over the world, but so that we can continue to create incredible experiences for as many people as possible. That’s more rare than you’d think!

To apply send an email to:
~Tell us about yourself, who you are, what you do, where you are going…
~Tell us why you think you’d be a good fit!
~Tell us why you think yoga and travel fit together so well!


Richelle Morgan


Richelle Morgan is a wander-lusting yoga teacher, animal lover and the creator of Pure Bliss Yoga. When not pairing chocolate with wine or snuggling with her four-legged partners in crime, she can be found planning her next adventure. Follow her yoga adventures on her blog or catch her at a her next yoga retreat..

Find Richelle at Pure Bliss Yoga.

Amber Zuckswert


Amber Zuckswert is a professional dancer, pilates, yoga instructor and holistic health coach. Her extensive movement background includes 23 years of dance technique, performing and choreography, along with 6 years of pilates, meditation and vinyasa yoga instruction.

Her infatuation with nutrition began early on in life to aide her physical endeavors. She enjoys blending western sports nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda, raw food and super food approaches when designing nourishment programs for clients.

She’s also the creator of where she’s written over 450 health articles and produced dozens of videos. Amber currently calls San Francisco home base, but teaches all over the planet, including the worlds #1 destination spa, Rancho La Puerta. Her clients can travel with her as she specializes in virtual training.

Find Amber at Epic Self.

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