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Spread the word

This is for any traveler. Anyone who has traveled with us before or is brand new. We know it’s hard to afford our trips even though we do as much as we can to offer them at fair prices.

So we’ve come up with a referral program to make it easier.

Help us spread the word about our amazing trips. For every one of your friends that you refer for their first trip you’ll get a 5% referral fee up to $100. That’s usually between $75-$100.

How to spread the word:
~Forward our emails
~Share a link to our website/facebook page
~Bring them with you!
~Simply tell your friends and family

How we’ll know:
~We have a mandatory section on our sign up for that asks how each participant found us.
~We ask that you just email us if you know one of your friends is coming on a trip.

How we pay:
~We pay within 30 days of the participants trip
~We pay by paypal and check
~We can credit your account and we’ll add $50 toward your next trip if you choose this.

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