Trip Planning Guide

The following information will help you plan for your Solyoga Adventure. This is a general non-tour specific guideline, however you will receive additional information that is more specific to the trip that you sign up for. If you have any additional questions or need clarification please see our Q & A section or contact us at


  • You will need a valid Passport for all of our trips and when specified a Tourist Visa. Begin this process as soon as possible to avoid any complications.
  • For some of our trips you will need immunizations and it is important to begin this process as soon as possible as well.
  • You must purchase travel insurance for all of our trips.
  • Be sure to check luggage restrictions for your specific airline so as to not be surprised when you arrive at the airport.

All of these are discussed in more detail below.

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory to purchase travel insurance to go on a Solyoga Adventure. Unfortunately we cannot allow participation unless proof of travel insurance is sent to us before.

We highly recommend that you add “cancel for any reason” to your policy. Although normal trip cancellation will cover you for illness or injury, or for a travel companions illness, injury or death, it is limited to these. With “cancel for any reason” you will receive a percentage (usually 75%-100%) of all pre-paid costs. With this coverage if something comes up, a wedding, a new job opportunity, etc. or if Solyoga has to cancel due to weather, staff injury or illness or other unforeseen reasons, you will be covered. *This option needs to be purchased within 15 days of your trip deposit.

We suggest this policy from Travel Guard or similar:

Travel Guard – Gold(Protect Assist) w/ Cancel for any reason

For more information please contact the Insurance provider you are looking to purchase with or contact us.

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Passport & Visas

For almost all of our trips you will need a valid passport and possibly a tourist visa in addition. Because it takes from 2 to 6 months to get your passport and visa it is important to start this process as early as possible.

To obtain a tourist Visa (again, only need for specific locations), please contact the appropriate consulate or embassy and/or visit their website to obtain application forms. In some locations you will need to have 6 months of validity on your passport, so please make sure your passport will be valid for at least 6 months after arrival date of your trip just to be safe.

We will give you more specific information regarding visas for certain trips that require them. For any more specific questions please contact your local travel agency, embassy or consulate.

Air Travel, Arrivals and Departures


Because we do not include airfare you will be responsible for booking your own flight. We can help you with any questions and even suggests certain flights for certain trips for different and different locations.

We suggest Kayak to find most the most affordable option

You will need to purchase your flights in order to arrive/depart by given dates and time ranges for your specific trip. If you choose to arrive earlier or later than given day/time you will be responsible for the cost of transportation needed to join up with the group. We will transfer you to the airport on the day of departure however if you choose to stay longer you will be responsible for all costs after the day of the group departure.

Depending on your arrival time you may arrive the night before the start date of the trip. If this is the case we are not able to cover the costs of accommodation but we are happy to help you with your planning. If you would like to stay at our last resort longer please contact us so that we can help you arrange this. Because we know these areas so well, we are also happy to help you plan your trip if you decide to stay longer or come early.

Major Airports

  • Managua, Nicaragua: Augusto C Sandino (MGA)
  • Panama City, Panama: Tocumen Intl (PTY)
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: Juan Santamaria Intl (SJO)
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala: La Aurora (GUA)
  • Belize City, Belize: Philip S.W.Goldson (BZE)
  • Cancun, Mexico: Cancun International Airport (CUN)

Special Circumstances

Please let us know as soon as you sign up for the trip or before you sign up if you have any special needs; food allergies or other allergies, or any other special needs or conditions, dietary or medical.


We will provide almost all of the meals during your trip (2-3 daily), however, there will be days where you will want to go off on your own or in groups and those meals will not be included (4-5 meals).


All of the activities highlighted on the trip page are included in the price. However, we will have free time for you to explore on your own. If you choose to go on any optional excursions you will be responsible for the costs but we will definitely help you arrange anything.


We will provide all necessary transportation throughout the duration of the trip, from arrival at the airport to departure. However if you choose to do an optional excursion you will be responsible for associated costs if we are not able to use our vehicles.


Although each trip is unique, you can expect yoga at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. On some trips, depending on the length and intensity of activities, we will have one or two days off to recover and re-energize.

Experience Level

Yoga: All Solyoga trips are designed for all experience levels unless otherwise stated. Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for years, our trips are for you.

Adventure: Some of our trips are more adventurous than others, however all adventures are open to all skill levels unless otherwise stated. All of our adventures are run by experienced guides and responsible tour operators.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

In some areas that we are traveling it is important to have the proper vaccinations and immunizations. Although we can give you suggestions you should visit your doctor, personal physician or a travel health clinic as soon as you decide to go on the trip with us, but at least 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to a foreign country. This is very important as some medicine, ie malaria pills, will need to be taken prior to the trip for a certain amount of time.

We encourage you to visit some useful online resources in order to better understand what you may need for specific trips, but please consult a doctor or travel health clinic for the most accurate information and guidance.

Useful links


The weather for your trip will vary greatly depending on the location and time of year that you are traveling. We will send you more specific weather guidelines when you register for a specific trip. This will go hand in hand with a more detailed packing list.


Please read this general list of what to bring. These are suggestions and if you have any questions please contact us. Please be aware that you will have to carry everything you bring so we advise packing smart and light. Also be aware of your specific airlines luggage policy and remember airport security policies when packing.

  • Suitcase: The suitcase you bring will depend on the length of your trip, however we highly recommend purchasing a backpacking backpack for all of our trips. Because we will be visiting rugged locations, roller suitcases can often be difficult.
  • Day Bag/Backpack: We recommend bringing a smaller bag or backpack for day trips and hikes.
  • Yoga mat: Although many of our locations will have yoga mats and props available, we do ask you to bring your own.
  • Additional props: if you know that you will need a block or other props during the trip, please bring them with you. Although we will generally have access to them, it is not guaranteed in all locations.
  • Clothing: Please pack according to the climate during the time of year we are traveling. We will send you a list of clothing to pack that is more specific to the trip and time of year we are going, however this is a general guideline to get you started. Always bring comfortable yoga cloths for both humid and hot conditions as well as cool mornings and evenings. Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended to ward off mosquitoes and for layers during hikes in cloud forests or higher altitude. Bathing suits and rain jackets are a must for most locations. Plan on bringing enough clothing to last for a 7-8 day trip. On longer trips we will have the opportunity to do laundry. Again, we will include more specific packing lists after you sign up for a specific trip.
  • Footwear: Because we will be doing a lot of out door activities, we suggest that you bring a comfortable pair of hiking shoes, sandals and casual walking/travel shoes.
  • Money: You will need to have money available for shopping, optional excursions and the occasional meal that we do not eat together as a group. ATM’s will be available for getting cash. Although traveler’s checks are an option, they are often difficult to use. Credit cards are accepted in most locations. Make sure to call your credit card company to let them know where you will be traveling so that they don’t cancel the card when they see a foreign transaction.
  • Money Belt: We suggest you bring some kind of money belt with you or have another safe strategy to carry your money. We will give you suggestions as we get closer to the date.
  • Electrical adapters: Please be sure to bring any adapters when necessary. We will let you know if and what you need for each specific trip.
  • Beach towel: Please bring a towel or sarong with you for the beach. We also suggest a quick-dry towel for all of our trips.
  • Driving license: Make sure to have your license on you. If you plan to do an optional excursion or are traveling before/after our trip, you may need it.
  • Mosquito repellent and Sunscreen: Please bring your own mosquito repellent and sunscreen or be prepared to purchase it upon arrival. If you do pack it, make sure that it is small enough to go on board or that it is in your checked luggage. Please try to purchase all natural products to minimize our impact in the locations in which we are traveling.
  • Camera: Feel free to bring a camera to document the trip, but be aware that we are traveling abroad and can sometimes be targets for theft. Try not to bring it in case that shouts tourist with $expensive$ things. We always suggest using duct tape to cover up brand names etc. just in case.

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