Iceland Yoga Retreat 2014

 Spring Equinox Retreat in Iceland - Energy Medicine Yoga

Our fall Iceland Yoga Adventure was featured in National Geographic Traveller…Find out why!

With the intention of seeing the Northern Lights we set out to find the perfect time to travel to Iceland; we found the Spring Equinox. This special time of year in Iceland resonates deeply with the mission of our practice, to explore balance; while honoring our quest to experience the Northern lights, as March also happens to be one of the best times to see them.

The perfect balance?  The time between the full light of the summer and the full darkness of winter, that symbolizes the time and space between all of Iceland’s opposites.  The Spring Equinox is the time of emergence from the winter shell, the time of rebirth, spring returning from the cold, softened by the new light.

Iceland is a majestic landscape of waterfalls, glaciers, thermal pools, riotous ocean.  A land in constant renewal.  Iceland has a sustainability of energy that few other places on the planet can match.  Here, we will tap into that endless earth power to recharge our own energetic systems.

We’ll spend time sloughing off the winter’s shell, both physically, with EMYoga, and pranayama as well as mentally, working with writing tools and meditations to help clear away old psychic baggage and choose a new seed to plant for the coming season.

We will look to create our own ‘energy sustainability’  – knowing that energy is neither created nor destroyed, we’ll learn how to channel, harness and redirect it to serve our highest needs.

This trip will be a transformative, magical time.  We’ll do a sacred fire ritual, and with luck, we’ll spend long, lazy nights basking under the Arora Borealis.  Whether from the warmth of a hot pool under a dancing sky, or while cross country skiing on a gorgeous snow covered plain, we’ll hopefully have the opportunity to absorb the magic and energy of these otherworldly lights.

Take this chance to renew your own ‘otherworldly’ light, and  shine even brighter in the world. 

“The Iceland Trip in a nutshell: Double rainbows and hot springs everywhere, amazing people, one of the best yoga instructors I have ever encountered (Aarona rocks!), great lodging, daily active adventures, and just a darn good time. I went with a friend but would have been comfortable going solo. I would definitely recommend going – one of the best trips of my life!”

Iceland-wellness-retreat _______________

“I went on this trip on a whim and am so glad I did! I’ve never been on a group tour where people truly became friends – I met lots of wonderful people who I will have lasting connections with. I highly recommend Solyoga’s Iceland Adventure and hope to go on future Solyoga Trips!”


Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker’s upcoming book, Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the healing power of your practice, is being published by Sounds True. Lauren has been creating and teaching EMYoga over the past several years while running the yoga program at Norwich University, the oldest, private military college in the country. She now travels and teaches EMYoga around the US and internationally. She is also a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and sees clients in Montana and Vermont as well as coaches people all over the world. She owes an incredible debt to her teachers, Donna Eden and Rod Stryker whose teachings underpin the book. Lauren has published widely, including features in The New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, and CNN. She has a periodic yoga column on You can find more of Lauren’s writing, and her complete schedule and info at


The goal of EMYoga is to balance the body.  A strong yoga practice, woven through with the 9 energy systems, speaks to the body in its own language.  These techniques are easy to learn and master and they empower your current yoga practice while awakening dormant energies and helping the body to heal and thrive.  You’ll learn ancient lost techniques and new powerful tools to boost the power of your practice.

Combining these practices, meditation, journaling and breath-work, we’ll access the balanced earth energy of the equinox to deepen our experience.

Lauren has been creating and building this system of yoga for years and gets her students excited and engaged with this deeply intuitive, creative practice. Experience your own inner magic and re-inspire your life both on and off the mat!


> Sun Salutations: The lost art of yoga
> 5 Elements Salutations: Balance to the earth and seasonal energy and balance your emotional body.
Back bending, twists and detox: Use potent release points to clear lymph and release toxins.
> Forward bending endocrine practice and source points: Strengthen the most vulnerable meridians and empower the entire meridian and organ system.
> Deeper relaxation: take savasana to a new level with tools to balance and relax the energetic body and stress response, so the power of savasana can be accessed.
> Manifest: start to bring into your life what you really want.  Tools to work with the habit field to help break old habits and manifest new ones.


“I just returned from my trip to Iceland with Solyoga Trips. It was an otherworldly experience. Ben, Aarona and the people of iceland exceeded my expectations I am so impressed with this organization and hope to join in on another retreat soon. “

Iceland Spring 2014 Itinerary

Itinerary is subject to change and we will update the website as soon as we can with new details.  Weather in Iceland is also very hard to predict so our plans may shift from day to day depending on what the forecast is, keeping the safety of our participants as our number one decision maker.

(Flights leave on Friday, April 4th and arrive in the morning between 6am-8am)

South Coast – Welcome – Stay Hveragerdi

South Coast – Glacier Hike - Stay Hofn

South Coast – Visit Jokulsarlon – Stay Hveragerdi

South Coast – Waterfall/Hot Spring Stop –  Stay Reykjavik

Reykjavik – Stay Reyjavik

Reykjavik – Leave for Snaefellsness – Stay Snaefellsness

Snaefellsness – Stay  Snaefellsness

Snaefellsness – Visit Snaefelljokul Glacier – Stay Snaefellsness

Depart for home


You may have grand expectations about what life will be like traveling through Iceland, or you may have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You may thrive in group settings or they might stir up uncomfortable feelings inside of you. Because we know that everyone has such different stories coming into experiences like this and that everyone has such different realms of expectations, our main job, in addition to keeping you safe as we move through this shifting landscape, is to provide a container to make this experience whatever you want it to be. We’ve found that people love traveling with us because we provide the structure that allows them to fully be themselves.  Even those that normally don’t like traveling with groups feel like they get the best of having support from a strong community while also being given the freedom to explore solo.

To set accurate expectations we’ll tell you that Iceland isn’t a luxurious european country. It was settled by vikings and the homes and hotels are built in lava fields between glaciers and volcanoes with the arctic wind flowing through. Expect to be comfortable, safe, warm and surrounded by great staff and company but be aware that ROOMS will be small and basic. Roads can be rough and unpredictable. WEATHER is the biggest factor in a trip to Iceland and can dictate the direction of an adventure. We ask that you flow with whatever the weather dictates, we don’t fight it, we roll with it (because we don’t have a choice).  Most travelers are extremely happy with the FOOD we have on retreat, however please keep in mind the Icelandic palette involves a lot of seafood and there is a lack of vegetation on the island. We provide vegetarian options of course, but they might not be exactly what you are used to. So, like the weather, we ask you to keep your expectations low so that you can be happily surprised by what we are able to find on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea.


  • Visit to Blue Lagoon
  • All yoga classes with Lauren Walker
  • Hot Springs Visits (weather dependent)
  • Glacier Hike (weather dependent)
  • Transportation (from airport arrival to airport departure)
  • 8 nights Accommodation in comfortable rooms
  • 1-3 meals daily (excluding alcohol) *Only breakfast in Reykjavik

Biking, spa treatments, whale watching, deep sea fishing, cave tours, snorkeling/diving



Ready to embark on an adventure with us? This is how we roll.

We use a trust based payment structure. This means we’ll give you 3 payment options based on what you’re able to afford due to your current financial situation. We’re putting our trust in you that you’ll choose the right payment form for you. Those of you that choose to pay the regular price of option 3 are making it possible for us to offer a reduced price for those that are “just gettin’ by”, so we (and they) thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

1. Pay in full online now OR pay in full by sending a check (no processing fee on the check)
2. Make a deposit now – pay the remainder by check (no processing fee on remainder – Due by MARCH 1st)
3. Make a deposit now – pay the rest online later. (full payments due MARCH 1st)


Option 1 – Student/Artist Rate: I live the life a student/artist/yoga teacher, but what I really need right now in my life is this yoga retreat and I can only really afford to go at this reduced price.

Triple – $2495 , Double/Couple – $2645, Single – $3095- (triple is typically extra bed in double room)

Option 2 – Not too bad/pretty good: I’m doing alright financially, and although I’m not scraping by, this is still a pretty big purchase for me.

Triple – $2695, Double/Couple – $2845, Single – $3295

Option 3 – I’m grateful to have done well for myself/I’m killin’ it: I’m not a millionaire (or maybe I am) but I’m doing pretty well for myself now and can afford to pay the full price so that others who aren’t as fortunate can afford a yoga retreat.

Double/Couple – $3045, Single – $3495


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