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Paradise on the Playa

Start the new year right with our first 2014 yoga and surf retreat. A week of inspiring yoga, surf lessons, relaxation, delicious food and playful adventure in one of our favorite countries on earth. Join our experienced yoga teachers, surf instructors and healers on this amazing adventure at the Maderas Surf Village on the famous surf coast of Nicaragua.

Maderas Village is an airy, sustainably-minded Surf Village nestled into a hillside jungle, overlooking Maderas beach. Guests describe The Maderas Village as an undiscovered boutique resort, a summer camp for adults, or a retirement community for young people.


DATES: February 8-15, 2015
TEACHERS: Dana Rizer
FROM: $1395


7 nights accommodation in shared or single room
3 healthy meals daily
1-2 yoga classes daily
2 Group Surf Lessons
All the adventure and fun you can handle

This trip is ideal for:

Looking for the best yoga retreat in January? Look no further – This an all levels yoga retreat and surf experience, all ages, couples, friends and solo travelers. Most of the food will be healthy vegetarian cuisine (though not exclusively) and we can accommodate gluten free, dairy free and other food requests. Accommodations are eco-chic, rustic-well designed and comfortable, providing the perfect base campe for this yoga and surf retreat.


We take food very seriously. To us, it’s not just the act of nourishment, but the source of energy. Nightly pre-fixe dinners are served to guests seated at our large communal table, and enjoyed over tales of surf & travel, philosophical quandaries, and debates of the mind.

Our primarily-pescatarian menu (occasionally have meat options & are still meat friendly) is locally inspired and has been described by guests as “simplicity done to perfection”. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Monday night we eat dinner at Munchies Blues Cafe, where our friend Sergio cooks us Roman-style Italian pizza in a wood-burning oven. Both New York and Italian guests have claimed it’s the best Pizza they’ve ever had.


Surfers are who we are and surfing is why we’re here. For us, it’s more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. While staying at the house you’ll always find someone who wants to walk down to the beach, tell a surf story, share a surf secret, or debate a surf question.

We foster an environment of advancement, where your level of skill isn’t nearly as important as your level of passion. Paddle out, charge hard, and smile & you’ll fit right in with the rest of us.

Our home break is Playa Maderas, a beach break that works best during the two hour period on either side of High Tide. Due to it’s location just West of Lake Nicaragua, Maderas gets hit with about 320 days a year of offshore winds making it’s consistency uncanny. It averages waves of 4-6 feet through the rainy season (April – October) and 2-4 feet through the dry season (November – March). The water temperature ranges from 20 degrees to about 25 degrees, so never a need for more than a vest.

We often take surf trips in our safari to Hermosa and Remanso ($15 & $10 per person), as well as boat trips to the more remote breaks of Colorado, Manzenio, and Panga Drops ($30 per person).

Exploring Nicaragua

Nicaragua is full of natural beauty and a rich cultural history. While we love to see people fall in love with the Maderas life and never leave, we also encourage people to experience the other parts of Nicaragua that make living here so much fun.

Rivas is the local city where most of our shopping gets done twice weekly. It’s full of little markets, bright colors, and gives a flavour of what real life is like. Take a bike taxi on a central tour of the city and you’ll really get a sense of where Nicaragua has come from and what it’s like to be a local.

Hermosa, Remanso, and Yankee are all surrounding beach breaks ranging from 45 min to 90 min from Maderas. Trips to these beaches are a great way to see another part of the country, take in some breath-taking scenery and surf a few different types of waves. For more advanced surfers, we offer Boat Trips to Manzenio, Colorado’s, and Panga Drops; all of which are considered to be world-class waves.

Granada is one of the oldest cities in the Americas with a history rich in both Architecture and legend. The style is unique to anywhere in Nicaragua, the food is outrageous, and the night life is always jovial. While tourism is definitely more visible here, there are plenty of small markets to explore, old churches, and infamous boat trips on Lake Nicaragua. One night here is typically enough for most people and either of the two places we stay always leaves the guests impressed.

Masaya is a short 15 min taxi ride from Grenada and is home to the largest concentration of Nicaraguan Artisans. If you’re looking for hammocks, art, custom-made guitars, or just to take in the chaotic atmosphere of Nicaragua’s largest market, it’s worth the trip.


We offer a super early bird discount to make this trip affordable to a wider range of people.  We also offer an early bird discount to reward people for signing up early.  Please be aware of our deadlines below when purchasing.

Please review our trip agreement policy before purchasing to view our travel insurance policy, cancellation policy and other important info! Participation Agreement.

1.  Pay in full online now!
2. Make a deposit now – pay the remainder by check (no processing fee on remainder – Due by January 8th)
3. Make a deposit now – pay the rest online later. (full payments due January 8th)


Super Early Bird: Purchase by October 15th, 2014.
Dorm – $1395/person
Shared – $1495/person (Triple, Double in standard room, Shared Bathroom)
Premium Room – $1695/person (Private Casita)
Private – $1795 (Standard room – Premium is $200 more)

Early Bird: Purchase by November 25th, 2014.
Dorm – $1495/person
Shared – $1595/person (Triple, Double in standard room, Shared Bathroom)
Premium Room – $1795/person (Private Casita)
Private – $1895 (Standard room – Premium is $200 more)

Regular Rates: (after November 25th).

Dorm – $1595/person
Shared – $1695/person (Triple, Double in standard room, Shared Bathroom)
Premium Room – $1895/person (Private Casita)
Private – $1995 (Standard room – Premium is $200 more)

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