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yoga service panama “I believe that people will only be moved to save the rainforest if they fall in love with it. ” – Earth Train Co-director and Biologist, Lider Sucre

You’re invited to fall in love with the rainforest!

This is quite simply one of the most interesting places in the world to visit. Our partners at Earth Train have created one of the most sustainable projects on earth in one of the top 20 most precious pieces of endangered rainforest. What is truly amazing about the project is not just that it is buying up all farmland on the edge of primary rainforest to create a natural barrier or that it is successfully reforesting that very land. It’s not only that it has sustainably created a sanctuary on the edge of primary rainforest or that it is building a performing arts space in the jungle with supporters like Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Jane Goodall . Nope, it’s not even that they have built the world’s lightest Kayak or that a biologist is onsite for most groups. It’s not even that they have amazing relationships with the indigenous Kuna Yala in the San Blas islands or that they hire locals for jobs that foreigners are usually brought in for. And it’s not even that the piece of land is one of the most spectacularly beautiful pieces of land in the entire world or that the wildlife is remarkable! We could keep going like this, really, but in our opinion what is so special about this project is how connected it is to the earth, to moving with love, to increasing awareness and to all the things we value in our yogic and spiritual journey.

You’re invited to have an adventure LIKE NO OTHER

So like we said, it is one of the most interesting places in the world to visit, but at SolYoga we usually don’t just visit. We EXPLORE. On this trip we will drive 4×4′s to the edge of the rainforest to Earth Train’s base camp. After we soak in the quiet of this remarkable ecolodge, we will take daily hikes to waterfalls and rivers and the continental divide. We’ll swim and kayak nearby and have a couple of optional excursions for you to chose from!

Come Explore this amazing Jungle! Learn about the rainforest! Be part of the solution! Adventure like few on earth get to! Share in the community that is created when good intention meets real action!

Daily Yoga and Meditation will be adapted to the nature that will surround our practice.


You don’t need to have any experience for this trip however you do have to be comfortable doing a half day hike. It is not necessary to have any yoga experience, a strong curiosity will do and a strong practice is welcome!

Emily Galvin

Emily Galvin Hiking yoga Emily Galvin RYT has been developing her yoga practice since 2001 and is a graduate from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica with an Interdisciplinary Hatha Yoga Certification. For over 10 years her passion for the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga lead her to study with some of the leading teachers in the Bay area, Costa Rica, and throughout South America. Her hope and intention as a teacher is to help others to learn and explore from the inside out. Emily hopes to offer her students a door and guided path through this beautiful adventure of life and to flow in our bodies and in the beauty that surrounds us. For the past year she has been leading guided yoga hikes in Woodside and San Francisco. Yoga hikes combine the cardio, the adventure of hiking outdoors, and the centering qualities of yoga. Her yoga classes encourage students to tap into their own creativity and to stay present, focus, and rejoice in the NOW.

Optional: Kayak Adventure across Kuna Yala with Earth Train

Your Guides

You’ll have 4-5 guides with you on the adventure . Because of the adventurous nature of the trip you will have an emergency medical response team member with you, a river guide, a jungle guide and yoga teacher. Expect some other interesting people around like biologists, musicians and environmentalists.

Earth Train: Where Your Journey Begins

Tropical Rainforests are the lungs of our Earth. They are the world’s treasure trove of biodiversity, containing as much as 80% of the world’s unique plant and animal life. To Earth Train, the tropical rainforests of the Mamoni Valley Preserve are a campus – a place to reconnect with nature and perform restoration on the natural environment and on ourselves, to support the development of leadership in a new generation that will base its economic, cultural, and spiritual survival on partnership with nature, instead of domination of it.

panama jungle hike

Adventure with a Purpose: Partnering with the Earth Train Leadership and Guide Institue

Building on Earth Train’s 10-year history in Panama, the Earth Train Leadership and Guide Institute at Centro Mamoni is providing highly motivated indivuals with the training, field experience and mentoring needed to become effective guides and leaders of biocultural learning and renewal.

The newly established institute carries out it’s mission through multi-year programs that combine in-the-field nature and cultural guide training; development of management and leadership skills; and liberal arts education with an emphasis on language and video documentation skills.

As part of Earth Train’s partnership with the Kuna General Congress, the International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of Tropical Forests and other NGOs serving indigenous communities, the ETLGI is focusing first on training indigenous youth to develop their potential as environmental and cultural leaders.

Teaming up with O.A.R.S., the internationally respected river adventure company, among other partners, the ETLGI will offer a menu of nature-study adventures to participants in Earth Train educational programs and to Institute contributors and mentors.

Registration includes:

~Daily Yoga and Hiking
~6 nights accommodation at base camp
~Beginner Kayaking
~All meals in the Jungle
~Transportation to and from Panama City to the Jungle
~Local and experienced guides


Non-Refundable deposit due upon registration.

Deposit – $250 USD | Register For Your Trip Now

*Airfare not included.

*Travel insurance not included, but is mandatory.

*Non-refundable deposit due upon registration.

Early Bird Pricing: Save $200!!

$995 – if purchased in full before March 15th, 2012

*Airfare not included.

*Travel insurance not included, but is mandatory.

*Non-refundable deposit due upon registration.

Regular Pricing:

$1195 – if purchased after March 15th, 2012


*Airfare not included.

*Travel insurance not included, but is mandatory.

*Non-refundable deposit due upon registration.

Description of Rooming:

Accommodations are tents with mattresses inside!

If you need special rooming please contact us.

For more information please contact

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