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Pedro Franco Yoga

Join us at a unique hot springs retreat in Northern California. Located in a magnificent location just north of Calistoga, your days will be filled with inspiring yoga classes with Pedro Franco, soaking in Avalon’s healing hot springs, relaxing and hiking in mother earth and being nourished by our onsite therapeutic chef.

Avalon’s pools feature pure mineral spring water, flowing from our three distinct hot springs sources, with no chemical treatment whatsoever.

Relax and unwind in the Magnesium-rich Medicine Spring Water.  Experience the skin-softening effects of the Boron-rich Mother Spring.  Melt away tensions while feeling the strengthening effects of the Iron-rich Dragon Spring. And stay hydrated with your choice of seven different mineral drinking springs, flowing fresh and clean straight from the earth.

The healing waters are the heart of the Avalon Springs experience.  The mineral hot springs of Avalon have been honored for centuries for promoting harmony and wellness.


About Pedro

Pedro Franco is a Yogi, Physical Education Professional Physiotherapist, Yoga therapist, and Personal Consultant. Pedro has practiced Martial Arts for 22 years. His Yoga journey started in 1992 and since then he has practiced, studied and is certified by Teachers and Masters from various lineages and traditions around the world. Pedro also carries certifications in Pilates, technical skills for rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness. He has developed a practice that blends effective tools with a broad holistic perspective, and has a teaching style that adapts to all levels for the maximum development of students’ inherent abilities.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification Coordinator · at San Francisco State University
Yoga teacher at Namaste Lakeshore
Yoga teacher @Yoga Society of San Francisco Brahmananda Ashram
Yoga teacher @ Bay Club – San Francisco

hot springs retreat

Mineral Drinking Springs
In addition to the soaking springs, Avalon boasts a variety of special mineral drinking waters which can be enjoyed straight from their place of emergence in the rock. One drinking spring is high in Lithium – a mood elevator commonly used to treat Bipolar Disorder. Other springs include a bubbly iron soda drinking spring, a Magnesium-rich “laxative” spring historically named “Dynamite Spring” and Bohemia Spring, which was considered a hang-over tonic to cure the effects of over-indulgence!

The Land
The land of Avalon Springs commands panoramic views beyond Big Canyon’s wooded valleys and into the Mayacamas Mountains. The wind blows soft and steady from the ocean across the tops of the foothills to the West. A majestic rock face stands guard over the plateau where future guest residences are to be built.

The lodge, spa bathing area, and wellness center are shaded in the hot summer months by the hilltop we call the Tor of Avalon (a tribute to Avalon in Glastonbury), which sits on the south side of the property.  The view plateau commands a breathtaking panorama of Boggs Forest, Big Canyon Valley, and the Maycamas mountains beyond to the east.

Across the road, Avalon Learning Village, the related non-profit educational organization, will be home to the gardens and intensive workshops that complement and literally nourish the resort.

It is no surprise that this land has been held sacred by the local community, both modern and native.  Avalon’s development seeks to honor this land with conscious design, inspiring programming, and responsible ecological stewardship.

The kitchen at Avalon Springs will draw ingredients straight from the garden, offering an ample buffet-style meal plan with large meals twice daily (lunch and dinner) and a juice and snack bar available for breakfast and between-meals needs.

Entrees for meals at Avalon will include some organic local meats, fish, and poultry as well as ample fresh vegetarian fare sourced from local farms and Avalon’s own gardens. Raw food delights will also be showcased on occasion to feature the potency and taste of the freshest produce available.

With every meal introducing healing foods preparation including raw food delicacies, superfood juices, and healing teas, dining at Avalon will be a healing experience.  Unlike many healing resorts, Avalon Springs will have no dogmatic restrictions on diet, allowing the guests the freedom to explore options and choose their own ways to nourish themselves naturally, with everything from raw chocolates to hearty meats and local wines.

California Hot Springs
Avalon’s Spa is centered around the healing waters.

Since early times, people have gathered around natural springs to access their healing power.  Many believe that the word “SPA” originates from the Latin “Salus Per Aquam” or “Wellness Through Water.” The resort embraces this approach by offering various treatments that utilize the natural healing waters that are abundant at Avalon Springs.

Avalon Springs is already connected with the originators and masters in various aquatic therapies including: Waterdance™, Watsu™, Water-Chi, and other rehabilitative therapies especially useful in recuperating from surgery, spinal injury, and illness. Richard Bock, one of the founding partners of Avalon Springs, is one of the earliest and best-known Watsu™ practitioners, a founder of Waterdance™, and an internationally renowned teacher and practitioner of various forms of aquatic bodywork for almost twenty years.  Aquatic therapies have been more successful in Europe until this point. There are very few centers for aquatic bodywork that feature mineral springs in the United States. However, these effective and deeply healing therapies will inevitably become more popular in the United States.  Avalon Springs will become the premiere center for Aquatic Bodywork and water therapies.

While water-based therapies will be what Avalon Springs will be known for, the resort will also offer a full complement of spa services.  These will include massage, herbal and organic healing skin treatments, integrative and alternative treatments, and cleanse and detox support.  Avalon’s approach to healing is one of empowerment and education, offering a variety of choices and healing experiences for guests.


We use a trust based payment structure. This means we’ll give you 3 payment options based on what you’re able to afford due to your current financial situation. We’re putting our trust in you that you’ll choose the right payment. Those of you that choose to pay the regular price of Option 3 are making it possible for us to offer a reduced price for those that are “just gettin’ by”, so we (and they) thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

How to pay:
Pay in full now (includes $150 non-refundable deposit)
*If you can’t pay in full now – please contact us to work out a payment plan

Ways to pay:
1. Credit card via Paypal (you don’t need an account)
2. Pay by check  (no processing fee) *contact for details.


~4 yoga classes
~Friday Dinner, 3 meals Saturday, Brunch Sunday
~Accommodation of your choosing
~Use of Hot Springs and Facilities

Not included in price


Option 1 – Biggest discount –  Just gettin’ by
I am just scraping by, but what I really need right now in my life is this yoga retreat

Shared – $449 – (Shared twin,or Couple in a private room)
Private – $565 – (Private room for 1 person)
*we can pair you up if you are coming solo

Option 2 – Slight discount – Not too bad/pretty good:
I’m doing alright financially, and although I’m not scraping by, this is still a pretty big purchase for me.

Shared – $499 – (Shared twin,or Couple in a private room)
Private – $615 – (Private room for 1 person)
*we can pair you up if you are coming solo

Option 3 – Full Price –  I’m doing well right now
I’m doing pretty well for myself now and can afford to pay the full price so that others who aren’t as fortunate can afford a yoga retreat

Shared – $549 – (Shared twin,or Couple in a private room)
Private – $665 – (Private room for 1 person)
*we can pair you up if you are coming solo

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