Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Retreat at Avalon Springs

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For those who are looking for a way to meaningfully celebrate Thanksgiving this year – join us for SolYoga’s annual Gratitude retreat November 21-23, 2014!

It’s that time of the year – time to give thanks for all of the abundance and gifts that have been harvested in 2014. And what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than spending a whole weekend focusing on gratitude while surrounded by natural beauty and soaking in the healing pools of Avalon Springs!

Led by Katia Sol, this weekend retreat will immerse you in the uplifting and transformative practice of gratitude. You will be guided in developing a daily gratitude practice, through time in circle, alone, and on the land. We will reflect on what we are grateful for from 2014, in preparation for the coming Solstice and New Year. The retreat also includes a daily gratitude-themed yoga class, a hike in the beautiful Mayacama Mountains, delicious meals prepared by the onsite therapeutic chef, and plenty of time for reflection and soaking in Avalon’s healing mineral hot pools.

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The healing waters are the heart of the Avalon Springs experience. The mineral hot springs of Avalon have been honored for centuries for promoting harmony and wellness. Relax and unwind in the Magnesium-rich Medicine Spring Water. Experience the skin-softening effects of the Boron-rich Mother Spring. Melt away tensions while feeling the strengthening effects of the Iron-rich Dragon Spring. And stay hydrated with your choice of seven different mineral drinking springs, flowing fresh and clean straight from the earth.

You will return home from this retreat rejuvenated and with the foundation needed to continue a daily gratitude practice that can transform your life. For,

“The moment you shift from a mindstate of negativity or judgment to one of appreciation, there are immediate effects at many levels of your being: Brain function becomes more balanced, harmonized, and supple; your heart begins to pump in a much more coherent and harmonious rhythm; and biochemical changes trigger a host of healthful responses throughout your body. Especially in difficult times, remembering to return to gratitude is a radical life-affirming act that builds your capacity for resilience.” (M. & J. Levy)

For more on the Transformative Power of Gratitude, view Katia’s TEDx talk on this topic at:


katia-sol Katia Sol is passionate about helping individuals cultivate the personal shifts that in turn enable them to transform their lives, their communities, and the world.

Katia has spent the last 18 years facilitating educational, international development, and leadership programs in more than 30 countries and with several First Nations around the world. Her most current work in this area includes being a co-facilitator for the Ecology of Leadership program at the Regenerative Design Insitute and a design partner for Emergent Performance Consulting, while working on the completion of her PhD. Katia’s primary areas of expertise include transformative learning, group facilitation, Indigenous wisdom practices, experiential education, leadership development, and global change. Gratitude has transformed her life, and she loves to share it with others!

Visit her website at


Salina Yoga

Salina’s passion for teaching was birthed in the public school system as a middle school classroom teacher. Here she integrated her lifetime activism with her creative style of teaching to empower youth. After four years of teaching, Salina attuned to the lack of balance and nourishment in her overstressed life and found yoga as a pathway to health. Transformed by the practice and by the new experience of freedom in her body, she began offering yoga after school and before school to students.

In the Spring of 2013, she joined the Mindful Life Project in Richmond, where she offers yoga and mindfulness to youth in the classroom as a tool of transformation and leadership. In addition, Salina belongs to a cohort of young people of color trained by Joanna Macy, a eco-philosophist and root teacher of the Work That Reconnects. In this cohort as a Keeper of The Work That Reconnects, she offers the work in marginalized communities and communities of color.

“Yoga is a vehicle to travel to the inner worlds of our own body. How we move on the mat is a powerful mirror for us to watch how we move through our communities. It is an invitation to feel our life, our body and to join the collective earth body. Yoga gives us the capacity, the space, the room in our bodies to hold this wondrous, challenging, beautiful human experience.”


Mia started her journey to health in 1998 when after years of feeling tired, bloated, overweight, and constantly sick, she decided there must be a better way.  She spent the next five years experimenting with diets, food, exercise, and educating herself on everything nutrition related that she could get her hands on.  In 2003, she discovered that a diet of mostly raw plant foods made her feel fantastic.  This inspired her desire to help others feel fantastic too.  This eventually led her to New York City later that year and to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she spent a year taking classes and getting certified as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor.  – See more at:

One of my passions is creating the most luscious, melt in your mouth, raw chocolate experiences possible. I’ve never been totally satisfied with the raw chocolates in the store, so I’ve created what I feel is the best raw chocolate available. I’ve been offering it to friends for years, and my most popular flavor, Raspberry Rose, is perfect for Valentine’s Day and anytime your heart is in need of a little love and pleasure.

Ingredients are Organic Raw Cacao, Raw Local Honey, with essential oils and dried fruit and nuts depending on flavor.  They are made fresh upon order and are best within 2 weeks. Available for pickup in NOPA in San Francisco, or with other arrangement.  No shipping at this time.

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Avalon has what we think is the perfect mix between rustic living, cozy comfort and spa goodness. The rooms are old and are still being refurbished so aren’t super fancy, but are comfortable and cozy. Most of the rooms have a sink for washing but use a shared bathroom by the pools or in the lodge like the original hot springs was set up. The food and the waters are top notch and are as healing and tasteful than any resort I’ve been to, if not more so. The all around vibe is familial and you’ll feel like you’re diving into yourself while being supported by the land, the waters, the food, the atmosphere and most of all the people. If you’re looking for a sterile 5 star $400/night hotel, this isn’t for you!

Relax and unwind in the Magnesium-rich Medicine Spring Water.  Experience the skin-softening effects of the Boron-rich Mother Spring.  Melt away tensions while feeling the strengthening effects of the Iron-rich Dragon Spring. And stay hydrated with your choice of seven different mineral drinking springs, flowing fresh and clean straight from the earth.

The healing waters are the heart of the Avalon Springs experience.  The mineral hot springs of Avalon have been honored for centuries for promoting harmony and wellness.

In addition to the soaking springs, Avalon boasts a variety of special mineral drinking waters which can be enjoyed straight from their place of emergence in the rock. One drinking spring is high in Lithium – a mood elevator commonly used to treat Bipolar Disorder. Other springs include a bubbly iron soda drinking spring, a Magnesium-rich “laxative” spring historically named “Dynamite Spring” and Bohemia Spring, which was considered a hang-over tonic to cure the effects of over-indulgence!

Avalon is set up much like the old Weber Hot Springs from the 40′s upon which Avalon sits, with a main lodge, a mini bath house and cottages set back on the hill. We offer shared double rooms or single rooms. The bathrooms are located in the bathhouse and the main lodge although some room shave a sink for washing in them.


The kitchen at Avalon Springs will draw ingredients straight from the garden, offering an ample buffet-style meal plan with large meals twice daily (lunch and dinner) and a juice and snack bar available for breakfast and between-meals needs.
Entrees for meals at Avalon will include some organic local meats, fish, and poultry as well as ample fresh vegetarian fare sourced from local farms and Avalon’s own gardens. Raw food delights will also be showcased on occasion to feature the potency and taste of the freshest produce available.

With every meal introducing healing foods preparation including raw food delicacies, superfood juices, and healing teas, dining at Avalon will be a healing experience. Unlike many healing resorts, Avalon Springs will have no dogmatic restrictions on diet, allowing the guests the freedom to explore options and choose their own ways to nourish themselves naturally, with everything from raw chocolates to hearty meats and local wines.

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~Gratitude Practices and Teachings with Katia Sol
~2 yoga classes with Salina Espinosa-Setchko
~Raw Chocolate Samples by Mia Cara Raw Chocolates
~Two Dinners, Two Brunches and two light breakfasts by our fantastic chef
~Accommodation of your choosing
~Use of Hot Springs and Facilities


Towels, Robes, linens/bedding, wifi in the main lodge


We use a trust based payment structure. This means we’ll give you 3 payment options based on what you’re able to afford due to your current financial situation. We’re putting our trust in you that you’ll choose the right payment. Those of you that choose to pay the regular price of Option 3 are making it possible for us to offer a reduced price for those that are “just gettin’ by”, so we (and they) thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

How to pay:
Pay in full now (includes $150 non-refundable deposit)
*If you can’t pay in full now – please contact us to work out a payment plan

Ways to pay:
1. Credit card via Paypal (you don’t need an account)
2. Pay by check  (no processing fee) *contact for details.

Please see our reservation and cancellation policies HERE
Buy reserving your space you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement.



Option 1 – Biggest discount –  Student/Artist Rate:
Although I live the life of a student/artist/yoga teacher/etc., what I really need right now in my life is this yoga retreat

Shared – $450/person – (Shared twin,or Couple in a private room)
Private – $565/person – (Private room for 1 person)
*we can pair you up if you are coming solo

Option 2 – Slight discount – Doin Alright/Employed:
I’m doing alright financially, and although I’m not scraping by, this is still a pretty big purchase for me.

Shared – $499/person – (Shared twin,or Couple in a private room)
Private – $615/person – (Private room for 1 person)
*we can pair you up if you are coming solo

Option 3 – Full Price –  I’m doing well right now
I’m doing pretty well for myself now and can afford to pay the full price so that others who aren’t as fortunate can afford a yoga retreat

Shared – $549/person – (Shared twin,or Couple in a private room)
Private – $665/person – (Private room for 1 person)
*we can pair you up if you are coming solo

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