One Day Rejuvenation Retreat in San Francisco

Release your stress, Replenish your energy

Saturday March 29, 2014 9:30 AM

Join us for this refreshing retreat at a beautiful private residence in San Francisco. Led by Dr. Amy Day, a naturopathic doctor and women’s wellness Expert, your one day escape will be filled with an empowering wellness workshop, a yoga class, delicious / healthy food from our private chef, a cooking class, an onsite massage therapist, morning smoothie, and more.

This will be a chance to take care of your own self for a change! Come get away from it all and immerse yourself in the loving care that you deserve. This one day escape will help you to slow down and reconnect with an inner peace that you might not have felt for quite a while. Plus, you will learn easy ways to continue to support your adrenals and start an upward spiral towards more energy and vitality. Join us and get inspired by your own body and its amazing ability to recover and heal. Participate in the whole day or pick which sessions you would like to attend! Men and women welcome!


Retreat Highlights

> Welcome green smoothie

> Wellness class with Dr. Amy Day

> Yoga class

> Delicious and healthy meal

> Cooking/nutritional class

> Optional massage

> Optional private sessions with Dr. Amy Day




Known for her expertise in hormone balancing, Dr. Amy will lead you on a journey that will leave you committed to caring for yourself with more depth than you thought possible.

“Most women know by now that stress is a serious health problem, and yet there are always a million things that need to get done day after day. What I see in the women I work with is that chronic stress too often leads to poorly functioning adrenals (stress glands), which are the cornerstone of balance for all the other hormones.”
– Dr. Amy Day

Do symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and irritability sound familiar? Do you struggle with abdominal weight gain or a “tired but wired” feeling? If you hear a little voice telling you that things are out of balance in your body, then you just might be hearing your adrenals talking to you.

This weekend will help you to slow down and reconnect with an inner peace that you might not have felt for quite a while. Plus you will learn easy ways to continue to support your adrenals and start an upward spiral towards more energy and vitality. Join us and get inspired by your own body and its amazing ability to recover and heal.

Adrenal health is an essential first step towards overall hormone balance. Learn how they work and how to restore, or maintain, their well being with natural approaches including nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, herbs and stress management practices. Dr. Amy’s 3 Rhythms of Natural Stress Relief will help you to decrease the power that stress has over you and enjoy your life more fully!

You will bring home with you a re-energized body and mind renewed commitment to your personal wellbeing.

Estee Fletter

Estee Fletter, E-RYT 500, is a compassionate and inspired Vinyasa Yoga Teacher based in San Francisco. For Estee, the practice of yoga was initially a reminder to quiet the mind and simply be still. Over time, it transformed into a moving meditation of gratitude and devotion. Estee’s classes are a graceful experience blending chanting, meditation, music, and intelligent sequencing with emphasis on safe alignment and breathing techniques. Estee’s grounded and motivating energy provides all levels of practitioners the opportunity to work safely towards their edge while exploring their own unique possibilities.

Estee has completed multiple teaching certification programs, most recently in Lotus Flow and Ayurveda with the Laughing Lotus creative team. Since discovering hatha yoga in 1999, Estee has studied with Bryan Kest, Laura Camp, Michelle Cordero, Ana Forrest, Rusty Wells, Stephanie Snyder, Dana Flynn, and Alison Cramer. Estee continues to find divine inspiration in all teachers, both seen and unseen. She has been sharing yoga since 2007.
Estee currently teaches public classes at Yoga Tree as well as corporate classes and private lessons throughout the Bay Area.

Chef Meredith Klein

Chef Meredith Klein, the founder of pranaful, creates inspired, globally-influenced, organic cuisine featuring local and sustainable foods, while also sharing her infectious passion for food via nourishment education workshops and consultations.

Meredith’s food is regularly showcased at yoga events across the country, including many Yoga Tree San Francisco events, and retreats with Steve Ross (host of Oxygen TV’s “Inhale”) and others at the award-winning Casa Barranca eco-sanctuary in Ojai, CA. She provides food for private parties and events, in addition to offering personal chef services.

An avid yoga practitioner, Meredith cultivates the same sense of mindfulness and meditation she experiences on her yoga mat in her endeavors in the kitchen. Through her keen interest in and study of Ayurveda, she integrates ancient healing principles into her menu design . She has likewise been influenced in the kitchen by Zen teachings transmitted by her primary teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, and through her studies with Zen chef and monk Edward Espe Brown.

Along with her skills in the kitchen, Meredith brings to the table a keen business sensibility, having spent nearly a decade in HR and management consulting, working with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies.

Meredith is a member of The Center for Mindful Eating and is currently based in Santa Monica, CA.


9:30 am Welcome and arrival
9:45 am Wellness workshop with Dr. Amy Day
11:30 am Yoga Class
12:30 pm Cooking Class
1:00 pm Healthy Meal
Afternoon – optional massage, hot tub, and private sessions with Dr. Amy Day 


~Wellness class with Dr. Amy (ie. Intentions, Overview of 7 Steps, Adrenal Health, Self-Care/Plan)
~Yoga Class
~Cooking/Nutritional Class w/our Private chef
~Delicious Healthy Meal
~Afternoon hot tub
~Optional private sessions with Dr. Amy Day upon request

Option 1 – Wellness workshop, yoga class, healthy meal, and massage – $225

Option 2 – Wellness workshop, yoga class, and healthy meal – $175

*If you are interested in attending a portion of the retreat, please contact

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