Buenos Aires: October 20-26, 2015

A Celebration of Love, Sensuality + Joy.

Yoga. Dance. Travel. Eat. Drink. Laugh. Love. Experience the senses!

Tango + Tantra = SEXY

In yoga, we experience our body as it moves and unwinds, our breath as it sweeps in and out, a stillness of attention while our temperature rises. Dancing, too, is a sensual experience of unraveling the body and liberating the mind. Through the pulsing of movement and breath, we connect deeply back to ourselves, our surroundings and each other.

And what surroundings!! Buenos Aires is one of the most sensual cities on Earth. And there is no dance more connected to the heartbeat of a city than Tango is to breathtaking Buenos Aires.

Practice yoga daily, breathe in the Buenos Aires heat and move to the rhythm of Tango. We’ll combine the focus of yoga with the precision of Tango, in the city where it all began for the fullest awakening of the senses.

Who is this trip for?

Solo travelers or couples welcome. Open to all levels of yoga and tango experience.

Tap into your unique sensuality through yoga and tango, while immersing yourself in the food, drink, culture and the unparalleled romance of Buenos Aires. While the trip is perfect for individuals, we encourage loved ones to attend, practice yoga, learn how to dance the tango, reconnect and soak in the magic of this beautiful city.


Open your body, mind and heart through a sensual mix of vinyasa yoga fused with the teachings of Tantra and set to a soundtrack that move your bones.

Ashley has long studied the healing power of sensuality. This week will weave the traditions of Tango and Tantra. Tantra Yoga is the yoga of awakening through the sensory awareness. Classes will focus on fluid movement, all levels vinyasa, breathwork and an introduction to the philosophy of Tantra and its practical application in your life.

Reclaim your innate rhythm. Remember the power of play. Discover the joy of dance.

The Taste of Tango

The tango portion of the retreat is designed to be an introduction to the world of tango rather than an intense immersion for the experienced.

  • 2 tango lessons
  • 1 guided milonga outing
  • Dinner-show at Tango Porteño, Orchestra Seats


Sunday – Arrival, check-in and welcome dinner!
Monday – Morning yoga, Afternoon Tango Class
Tuesday – Morning yoga, Evening Milonga Outing
Wednesday - Morning yoga, Evening Tango Class, Dinner Show
Thursday – Morning Yoga, Free Day, Go explore!
Friday – Morning Yoga, Farewell Dinner, Optional Milonga Outing
Saturday – Departure or Stay to Explore!

Our friends in Buenos Aires from NarrativeTangoTours on Vimeo.

Your Home in Buenos Aires

VAIN Boutique Hotel – In VAIN, you will feel the Buenos Aires of the early 20th century in contrast with avant-garde design touches, where every detail is carefully planned to provide you with an authentic Argentine experience.

Every room in VAIN is different, but all share the original architecture of the building, classic and modern furniture and design in every detail.


  • 6 nights accommodation at Vain Boutique Hotel
  • Breakfasts and 3 dinners included
  • 1 daily yoga class (2 if time)
  • 2 tango lessons
  • 1 guided milonga outing
  • Dinner-show at Tango Porteño, Orchestra Seats
  • Wine Tasting Night
  • Transportation around the city

Does not include: Airfare, airport transfers, tips, alcoholic beverages, optional activities, spa treatments.


  • Spa Treatments
  • Excursions
  • Museum Entrance
  • Transportation to optional activities


Ready to embark on an adventure with us? This is how we roll.

We use a trust based payment structure. This means we’ll give you 3 payment options based on what you’re able to afford due to your current financial situation. We’re putting our trust in you that you’ll choose the right payment form for you. Those of you that choose to pay the regular price of option 3 are making it possible for us to offer a reduced price for those that are “just gettin’ by”, so we (and they) thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

1. Pay in full online now OR pay in full by sending a check (no processing fee on the check)
2. Make a deposit now – pay the remainder by check (no processing fee on remainder – Due by July 15th)
3. Make a deposit now – pay the rest online later. (full payments due July 15th)

A non-refundable deposit of $500 or payment in full is due to reserve your space.

Option 1 – Just gettin’ by (only 5 spots left at this price): I am just scraping by, but what I really need right now in my life is this yoga retreat and I can only really afford to go at this reduced price.

Shared Double or Couple – $2195
Single – $2595

Option 2 – Not too bad/pretty good: I’m doing alright financially, and although I’m not scraping by, this is still a pretty big purchase for me.

Shared Double or Couple – $2295
Single – $2695

Option 3 – I’m grateful to have done well for myself/I’m killin’ it: I’m not a millionaire (or maybe I am) but I’m doing pretty well for myself now and can afford to pay the full price so that others who aren’t as fortunate can afford a yoga retreat.

Shared Double or Couple – $2395
Single – $2795

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